Right now, I'm just intent on going into the studio to make the next album. Before that I will round up all the business stuff that I've been too busy to do this year with my 60th birthday and the 20th Anniversary, etc.

There are some songs that John recorded that haven't been heard by the public  but they are not enough to make a strong CD so to be fair to John I want to wait and see where they will fit in. Recently I released one to "Double Fantasy," this was a song that was appropriate to release at this time so it was good we waited.

Currently I just finished a show in New York, in Ubu Gallery with a new piece I had. After finishing the piece it's like I just had a baby (laughs)

Question:" If John was alive today, do you think you two would still be making albums?"

Yoko Ono says:
Oh definitely! We had tons of plans, you know. He's the kind of person that could not sit still.
People in the neighborhood always saw John walking around, bright and happy. So he just wouldn't have been able to just be at home sitting.

Sean went to Brazil and other South American countries. He just goes around trying to have an experience of playing on stage, meanwhile preparing for his second album. Sean is so busy, I don't see him so often. (laughs)

I think that my friends were very helpful and also the fans. I really appreciated the fans writing to me after John's passing. I was not used to getting fan mail to myself, it was usually to John or to us. There were tons of mail right after John's passing and I went to the office a week later, and saw all this mail and I thought "John can't answer them. He's not here." But the staff said "No! These are for you!" and I was totally surprised! They helped me a lot, thank you.

...old Japanese incense that is kind of delicate--that doesn't stand out. When you go in the room and you just feel something. I'm also into flowers that also have a sweet scent. Definitely gardenias!

I'm afraid I'm not a very good business woman and I was never a good business woman and I suddenly had to try and do business and it was very difficult for me. It mainly had to do with luck and focusing on it. When you really want to do it, then you can do it, but I would not call myself a good business woman really.

Fluxus is not really painting, it's not sculpting either. It's anything to do with artwork, it could be painting or sculpture, it has to do with a sense of humor and a lot of fun. It's very avant-garde.

I think that we did express our position in terms of politics very clearly and we thought that we did that one and we don't have to express it anymore. We even showed how you could express it as an artist, etc. so people could keep on doing it. I don't think John wanted to make any more waves on that level. He did make waves, as you know.

John was always listening to radios, especially late night radio so he was getting everything. It was right on the edge of things, that's how he was in terms of listening to the new music, he's always there. I think he would have jumped the opportunity of doing something now. Maybe he would be the first white rapper. (laughs) In fact many of the songs he wrote were very expressive in a rap way.

This is what I learned from life: Life is not always easy. Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by enemies, difficult suggestions, and you feel like you're alone. I'm sure all of us have experienced that. What I try to do, nothing special, but once every day try and do something that would make my heart dance. If I can't even do that, I try and do something that will make someone else's heart dance. It doesn't have to be anything special, it can be from looking at a beautiful blue sky, smell a flower, or just run around. Just running around is a blessing. Also doing something that makes someone's heart dance, you don't have to do something special. Call a friend you haven't for awhile. If you do that for a few months, you'll find that you aren't depressed. So when people ask me why I'm happy now it's because I find happiness in very small ways. We have to do that for our health and for our sake and I hope you will do the same.

John was one artist who did not separate when he was on stage and when he was in public and when he was having a private life. He shared his private life, he didn't tell just good things that were happening, he would say "I made this mistake" or "this was not right" and I think that was beautiful. I don't see artists that are like that now. He was true to a fault in that sense and I think that helped many people. The sad thing is that some people think that was publicity, don't be confused by that, just believe in what he said because that's where you get the energy, not from the people that just want to destroy what he was trying to do. But from his words, I think you'll get inspiration from it.

I don't consider myself anything. (laughs) I don't label myself like that, but I respect Aristotle, he was a genius and some people are starting to understand that some of the things he said were right.

...by making your life worth while for yourself. By getting encouraged and inspired so you can have the kind of life you would be proud of. John would be very happy about that.

A lot of the things said in "Imagine" are happening.

I remember John all the time, especially because I'm still working on John's work, to bring John's work out into the world in the right way. So I'm doing something every day and in a way I feel like our partnership is not over yet.

 Let's all have a beautiful future together. That's something we are going to create together. By thinking about each other and just sending love messages to each other, when you send a love message, they actually get it. You don't have to say it out loud, just say it in your mind and they get it. We've found out we're much wiser than we thought. So keep sending love to each other and let's create a force of healing the world, and I think we can do it together!