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We will always have you and John in our lives. And I am happy for that. You both have helped us in our lives. I hope you are happy and well. My husband Dewey and I have been together since high school 1970. We have a daughter Julia she is 18 (beautiful) she is quite an artist, and a son Joshua he is 13, he is into skateboarding (he is also beautiful) - Beautiful Boy - love that song.

Take Care - The Fowlers

Janet & Dewey

Gracias por este magnífico site.

Jose Briones

"Beatle" fans since 1964, John was truely a gift to us all....his words, music and actions. You are always in our hearts.Thank-you!
Ann and Marg

Elizabeth Ann Lopez


Thank you! I really enjoyed your site & the dedication to keep peace alive.



John Lennon was perhaps the greatest singer/songwriter/peace activsit/person that the modern world has known. His voice was soothing, his songs gave you something to think about

Bill Grayson


Hard to believe that it will be 23 years tomorrow (12-8-03) since our beloved John Lennon was taken from us. I remember that horrible night like it was yesterday. But that's not what John would want us to remember. Let's celebrate his life....his dream.....his music. The idea of an international day to honor this great man would bring the world together for one day each year. Let's make it happen!

We love you, John....forever and forever......



John Lennon was the graetest musician/person in the world. We'll Love You Forever John!!.



On this so special , yet sad, day we remember John, a man who gave so much. Perhaps he never realized how much, like in our darkest hours we turn to his and the Beatles songs to help us through
, and they did. With every emotion we have , there's a song, snippet of video, some thing in our minds that keeps the voice of John Lennon moving through time. Will there ever be a time when no one remembers the Beatles, Elvis, the Stones? It's unimaginable, a shame we lose the greatest, John, George and in time Paul and Ringo then what? How could he write songs that effects me, every day. A genius, a god, who knows? But I do know that I will always love the Beatles and always in thier debt

Dream Weaver)


Excellent page! I love John Lennon. Nice Pictures.



I think this site shows what kind of person John Lennon was: true, honest, had a lot of courage, believed in peace, walked along the way he believed, a man of principles. Very few are like this.
That shows he's one of the rare. This is as a human being. As a musician he was briliant, talented.
We know his music.

Orly Goldstein


If I could only begin to describe him.



Non smettiamo mai di combattere, di sperare, di pregare, di camminare verso la luce, di immaginare il mondo che sognava Jonh!

Anche il mio nome significa PACE



Whenever you feel down listen to Jonh's music and precious words, you'll find the meaning of life again.

We all love you John! FOREVER

Irene, Italy


John forever!!



Ciao Jonh, volevo solo ringraziarti, rigraziarti per la musica meravigliosa che ci hai donato, rigraziarti per essere stato un esempio di pace per il mondo.
Grazie.....................................................GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!!!!!!



Hi all, I just write to tell everybody that our Jonh Lennon is alive, he`s with us, in his music, in imagine, in let it be, in every song that he wrote....
All Jonh`s music has something good that makes it special, and I couldn't be without it.

Luis Andrés


Cool a place to be for a Lennon fan like me



Ciao John, oggi sarebbe stato il tuo 63° compleanno.
E' un gran dolore non saperti qui ma è una gioia ancora più grande quella che mi dà la tua musica. Spero che lassù tu stia riposando in pace.
Happy Birthday Dear John

Maurizio Thursday, October 09, 2003


Oct. 9 2003--Happy 63rd birthday John. Wish you were still here.



I've been a fan of The Beatles for a long time , I love them since I had six year. I'm from Argentina and I know just some word in English, but, I know how much I love this band and their music, and I will love them to my die day.






I've been searching for a long time for a website like this! Thanx for ending that search!






It seems that the world is not such a large place after all. When people are without countries, the language of peace comes through words and music. John Lennon gave just that, one man's peace as seen through his life, his love, his wrongs and his rights.

Thank you to all at for the work that you are doing to propogate the message of that one man. The book and the photos are touching and far reaching.

We really are all one, and maybe just maybe, can live like it after all.

Lynn Cousino Saldanha



This site is great for people who likes the Beatles and John Lennon even though they aren't topping the charts or making up to the minute videos... They were a phenomenom... entertainers that never grow out of style... as I see it. I'm 34 and when I was in school it was very uncool to like them or John... I didn't care... I still loved them anyway. Now my nine year old son "gets them"... They will live on forever...

To me John... you were the Beatles (sorry Paul, George and Ringo) your entertainment has always made me smile... Thanks.

Trish Bailey


Dear John, thank you for all you have given us and still continue to give.. I miss you.. peace xoxo

Linda Billings


I love John Lennon so much in my heart forever.He was the greatest singer ever. I m only 5 years old. Do you know why I love him? He has the most pretty voice in the world. I love John Lennon more than any singer in the world. I'm glad that John Lennon has a voice and I think that it's the most prettyist voice of all. Emmy

Emmy Luna


At 1:30am in a Korean pc room, it is inspirational to connect to the world of rock, particularly with the icons of my era, when I was a teenager. I thought I would get the words from "Imagine" as a short story lesson for my students.
I'm teaching english. I got more.
I was really surprised of how Ringo has taken to the States and his touring schedule. Being from Australia, well he disappeared off the radar. And Colin Hay, well isn't he huge and touring with Ringo. I just thought he was a guy with a quirky voice and a one hit wonder. And Ono's 70 fighting ageism. She's only 10 years younger than my mum, who is old. When do you get old? I'm 48 now and wonder when its going to happen. Anyway, it's good... and on Liberation Day somehow makes it better. Anyway back to my apartment to watch videos



Great site!, congratulations to all the people that made possible this dream! Keep dreaming until your dreams come true! Saludos desde México!

Jesús Rocha


Thank you & blessings to you... I believe this site is encouraging... peace is possible



Peace is in every John`s lyric

Love is in every Lennon`s word

God bless you, for all the good you`ve done while you were here with us.


Thank you Yoko... your words invite me to Live, to
Become... if it is to be~~~it is up to me ...



Dear John, how is it out there? Can you still see what's
happenin, can you still help to care?

Tom Beaulieu


John was a brilliant man. As long as we continue spreading his message and listening to his music he'll never really
be gone, because his spirit still lives through his music.



I wasn't born till jan. 1981 but I know a lot about John and The Beatles. I got into the music when I was like 5. Ever since, they have been my favorite band and will always be.

I believe in LOVE and PEACE and that's what we all need.

We were put on this earth for a reason and it's not to hate and destroy. So lets all stick together. Remember, you help one person, you help the world!!! LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER LOVE YOU JOHN!!!


John Lennon was known as a great Beatle but he was murdered in
1980. I selected him because as I went down the list of people to pick from, John Lennon was the one I thought I knew most about. Then as I started research on him I found out things I didn't know. The era of John Lennon was contemporary. It was from 1960 to 2003. John Lennon died in 1980, which is part of that era. This era was the beginning of the British Invasion. It was rock and roll.

Many people enjoyed this era in the 60's and 70's. The Beatles were very popular. Some other great composers from this era were Duke Ellington, Ruth Seeger, Leonard Bernstien, and George Gershwin.

Right after Yoko and John were married on March 20th, 1969 they went on their went for their honeymoon.

But their honeymoon was not what you would think a honeymoon is. While the Beatles managers and lawyers fought over the group, John and Yoko were in bed. They stayed in bed for 7 days for a peace vigil at the Amsterdam hotel. They wore white pijamas while TV reporters were filming and shooting.

John Lennon was born in Liverpool on October 9th, 1940. His parents split up when he was four, so he had to live with his aunt Mimi. John didn't see a lot his dad when he was young because he was a merchant seaman.

As a kid, John Lennon enjoyed getting in trouble. He was also a prankster.

John Lennon thought of the name for the group when he was 12 years old. He had an image of a man in a burning pie saying, "From this day you are Beatles with an A."; Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles when they were performing at the Cavern Club. Then he became their manager. 'Love Me Do' was the Beatles first song ever released. It made it to the charts as number 17 the second day it was released. John Lennon wrote their first number one song on the charts. It was 'Please Please Me'

In 1970, the Beatles broke up after Paul McCartney had announced he was leaving. After that John Lennon went back to his own way and tried to spread the message. By doing that he released his first solo album, Imagine. In 1972 John Lennon had a charity concert for handicapped children.

John Lennon married Cynthia Powell in August 1962.

They also had a son named Julian. Because the Beatles were becoming very popular at the time, their marriage together would have to keep a very low profile. John divorced Cynthia and re-married Yoko Ono. On October 9, 1975 Yoko gave birth to their son Sean. John left his music career for 5 years to raise his son. Then he realized there was no life without music. Then he restarted writing songs for a new solo album called Imagine. This CD told everyone what he wanted to say to the world.

One highlight in John Lennon's life was that he was very popular, and still is. His music was great and everyone loved it. He wrote the music from his heart. I think another highlight in John's life was when he got married. Although he had to keep it in a low profile I bet he really liked his wedding. I think that it was one of the best times in his life. I also think that Yoko and John have had a great life together. One more highlight in John Lennon's life was probably all of the beautiful records the Beatles made. I think that is very important in a singer's life.

I would be very proud of my albums if I were a singer.

A setback in John's life would be when the Beatles were losing $40,000 dollars a week with their project called Apple. All of the people they had hired were steeling and wasting the band's money. Another setback in his life would be when he said he was as good as Jesus. Many people didn't like that so their money started going down. I think that no one should ever say that because people should know that Jesus is way better. One more setback in John Lennon's life would be when he divorced with his first wife Cynthia. I am sure it would have been hard for him because they had a kid together. Also many people started to know about it.

I think that a main contribution that John Lennon made to the music is that he was an impressive singer and songwriter. He wrote music that people had never heard or wrote before. He changed music life forever. It wasn't only his music, but all that came from his heart and imagination. He changed music to the way we know music today. Another contribution that John made to music was he did many charity concerts for the handicapped. Also he gave $100,000 to the NYPD to buy new bulletproof vests. He secretly donated all sorts of charity money for many things. John not only made contributions to the music world but he made some to art and world peace.

John Lennon dies at the age of 40. On December 8th 1980 in New York. Outside his home John signed an autograph for M. Chapman. Five hours later, as John was going back to his apartment block, Chapman called his name and then shot him 5 times to his upper torso. John Lennon dies in the back of the police car on the way to the hospital. He was a peace activist. What he did was campaign for peace in the world. John Lennon's life was full of interesting facts.

And these are only two.

Now that you know this things about John Lennon there isn't anything else I can really say about him, except that he was a great songwriter and a terrific singer. I really enjoyed doing this research because I learned a lot about John Lennon, and even something about the Beatles. I think that he changed music life forever. I have learned many things from this assignment like when he was born, when he died, his childhood, and many other interesting things that I would never known if I didn't do this assignment.

As Paul McCartney said in a final Tribute: "John

was a great man who'll be remembered for his unique contributions to art, music, and world peace."



Lisa Freeman


Good job it brought a tear of joy to my reliving all the
things I was doing when I heard some of the things for the first time. Thank you


Bass,Dead Referees.

Rich Goddard




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