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Imagine - a tribute to John Lennon by Zac Beeston
A tribute to John Lennon featuring chat, lyrics, a forum and more!

"If you want to be a hero then just follow me..." by Andrew Rilstone
A personal essay by a recently converted Lennon fan. Part of my weekly "Rant" column.

Instant Karma! by Marsha Ewing
The John and Yoko Magazine since 1981, featuring exclusive interviews with Yoko and others, original photos, current info plus 15 years' worth of archival material.

Non-musical Writings of John Lennon by Stephanie Hoerner
A collection of excerpts and quotes from Lennon's books and other writings.

John Lennon Reviews At The George Starostin Record Review Site (by George Starostin)
Album reviews by a devoted Lennon fan where you can post your comments.

Keno's John Lennon Web Site
Site dedicated to John Lennon with photos, Favorite 40 songs w/ Lyrics, On going Beatles polls and more!

A dreamers essay on John Lennon's "(Just Like) Starting Over" by J. Leyton
An essay on the meaning of (Just Like) Starting Over lyrics and music.

20 Years Gone...The Life of John Lennon by Rick McIsaac
This page will take you through John Lennon's life using, Interviews, Sound Files, Pictures and many more!... May Page even helped right her part of the story...

The Lennon Archives!!! by Louise Lennon
Pics of the one and only John......they're cool.....he looks amazing....check them!!!

The Lennon/Beatles Bootleg Grotto
A site that contains some of Lennon's best demos and outtakes. .

The Dakota by Number~9 Web
Los Angeles DJ, The 9~Man and family visit The Dakota.

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